We are able to install a variety of hardware and complete your assemblies turn-key.


PEMSerter Press

  • Force: 53.4 kN / 6 tons
  • Throat Depth: 45.7 cm / 18”
  • Capacity: M2 / #0 thru M10 / 3/8” in Steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2” in Aluminum

Dake 50H Hand Operated Hydraulic Press

  • Force: 50 Tons
  • Uses: Installing/Removing Pins, Bearing, Seals and Bushings. Bending/strightening parts.

Helicoils and Keenserts

  • We install all sizes and types of threaded inserts. Locking, non-locking, tangless, pressed in, ect.

General Assembly

  • Parts can be assembled turn key. We have all the standard shop tools with torque limited devicies as required. Flanges, hindges, doors, blankoffs, ect.

PEMSerter Press

Self Clenching Hardware

Dake 50 Ton Press

Install Tools

Helical Inserts

Key Locking Inserts

Press Fit Hardware